Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The whole buying a house process is going smoothly. Funds should be straight by the end of this month, no major problems were found in the inspection, we got 15k for closing from the sellers, pretty awesome.

On another note my vikings won last night, if I'm not mistaken I think that means they get to go to the playoffs. More importantly Adrian Peterson scored 2 TD bringing me to a 69 to 65 victory over JP in fantasy. I would have been really disappointed seeing as how I outscored nearly all of my opponents by 30-40 points 10 out 13 games. Bladow, donkey punch.

On another note, I wake up this morning and my room is sweltering. I climb out of bed open the door and it is absolutely freezing in the stairwell. Upon going upstairs I notice the damn sliding door is wide open, I'm looking at the thermostat which is reading 58 degrees. My roommate is an idiot. He left the sliding door open after taking out the trash and for the last two hours the heat has been pumping non stop. I don't know how you just leave without noticing the obnoxiously cold draft coming in from the sliding door.

On another note I had the craziest dreams. One, the patriots get a perfect record. Two, I go to Brazil and hang out with gorgeous women. Three, I get stuck on some crazy roller coaster for hours until I wake up in disbelief only to swat the air around me because I think there are gnats and bed bugs hovering around my head. As I go back to sleep I decide to sleep on the opposite side because I figure the bed bugs just like my pillows (I was half asleep). So by 7:30ish I'm completely naked (cause of the heat), sleeping on the other side of the bed with no pillows and probably sleep talking.

On another note...the heat bill is gonna be a bitch.

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