Sunday, December 2, 2007

I still can't make it rain

So my friend and I decided to hit the strip club. It was cool and all, drank a fifth of jeagger before hopping the metro. It was our second time at this specific club, I've been to a few others. I've got to say camelot is quality compared to a lot of the other places in d.c. It was fun and all, but I know the attraction will dull pretty quickly. For as much as I experiment with sex (or did experiment) I've got to say staring at a stripper can only get so exciting. Plus I always look at the guys in there, some of them look like they're still trying to lose their virginity. But anyway, like I said it'll get boring soon and I'll be looking for something else. But I already know that I don't need to delve further into that realm of sex. In fact I've been actively seeking out the reverse. Call me crazy but at age 23 I'm looking into giving abstinence a serious try (2 months already). There is just something about always having sex, always being on the prowl that clouds the mind. We'll see how long it lasts but I think it could last a pretty long time. By merely ignoring my urges and redirecting my energies into everyday tasks I already find myself more motivated, more acute more aware of my surroundings.

Anyway like I was saying, I'm already looking for the next thing. I don't want to make strip clubs a habit, I doubt it would get that far as I don't like dropping money on things i can't touch. Strippers are only real if you're rich enough to touch them without getting in trouble. So I still can't make it rain and until I can I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. Of course, every now and then I don't mind having a good time. Well moving right a long, my point is I've got to find more interesting things to do in d.c. or even in my local town. I have to find the next stage I guess. In my fresh/soph years of school it was stupid frat parties and then just any party and then college bars, then finally regular bars and clubs and then strip clubs...and well its all getting a little old. I'm getting a little old I guess. Besides, now that sex is out, I have very little motivation to go out to any of those places. Lets face it boys night out = "i need to find some pussy" girls night out = "Lets dance around our purses and have fun???" I don't know, but clearly the reason why I'm at the bar is never the same reason why she's at the fuck it. And yeah, there are those times where you just walk in and some girl knows she immediately wants to fuck you...but now that doesn't even matter to me. It all looks like smoke and mirrors to me. The women in the bars and the ones in the strip club don't seem all that different to me. So there has to be something more, something else. This isn't a desperate plea for an answer-- there are none, we each hold our own truths. But there should always be something that keeps you occupied, keeps you entertained, the world is too vast and too intricate for any of us to be unimpressed with what it has to offer. I've just got to find it...

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