Friday, January 25, 2008


Buying the house today! I'm very excited. I had to wake up at 6:00 to get into work by 7 so I could leave at 12 because I have no vacation time to take the day off (which really sucks) but dems the breaks. I've never been into work this early, its somewhat calming. If it wasn't for the initial groggy feeling when I wake up I might always do this. Its just M and I in the office..scratch that two more people just came in at 7:50. Anyway, everything is dark, no office noise, no phones ringing, just music emitting from my ipod and two computer screens...if only I could recreate this in the middle of the day...
So anyway, my uncle recommended I read "The Lies about Money", I'm in chapter 2 and I'm so glad I did purchase the book. I think I''ll have to take a few classes on financing and the stock market, apparently I've got tons of misconceptions floating around my head and its a terrible shame to be so ignorant about money. But its almost as if America wants it that way, after all your parents don't teach you about money (unless maybe you're jewish) the school system can barely stay afloat so they probably don't know anything about money, unless you do finance or accounting in college, you sure as hell won't pick it up there...when was I supposed to learn how to properly invest and manage the money I make coming out of school? So I've taken steps to educate myself. I want a properly diversified portfolio by the time I'm 30, I've got a few more personal things I need to buy this year, but after I'm done with those I'll probably be saving everything I get for travel and investment.
I'm buyin a house!!!!!!

" Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

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