Friday, January 18, 2008

A New Era...Bruh

So I've started my new job and all in all I think it might end up being a good thing. The people seem pretty cool, very energetic and knowledgeable and I think thats whats really going to make the difference. I think I'll be learning a lot, I was told most teams only push out a few projects a year but apparently my team produced like 20+ projects over the past year, all of which look very complex. So I'm biting the bullet, packed up all my jeans and hoodies in exchange for button ups and slacks.

I have to say on Monday I was extremely disappointed, everything was wrong except my position and pay. My commute is a little longer than I expected, I love having multiple monitors and right now I've only got a laptop (of which everyone gawks over because its the newest version, but I don't find it all that great) and a crappy 18 inch monitor. I'm gonna see if I can do something about all that. Anyway, as the week has progressed (and after I threw out all my previous expectations and took a few shots to the face) I've decided it isn't terrible. I'll probably feel even better after my first check, so I'm gonna hang in there.

Hmmm ok so switchin gears, C and I have decided we need more friends. You go through school never having to work on a social life and then bam, you start working and you realize that if you don't plan anything on the weekends...then you don't DO anything on the weekend...except drink. And lets face it, you can drink and do other activities all the uh, bottom line, we're just not utilizing our free time very well. So I guess we're goin to the strip club tonight, tomorrow some gay bar with smash and her gf (that'll be new experience). It probably won't be my type of crowd...then again I don't have a crowd so we'll see how that goes. So anyway, hopefully I'm playin on this basketball team at work and I was supposed to go to some fancy restaurant for lunch with some coworkers but some system crashed so they all bailed. Well, thats my goal for now, be more social, meet more people.

On another note, about work. So yeah, at Metron, sometimes I'd come in and do like 6 hours on a slow day, but it would be 6 hours of just straight work, not roaming around, not talking to people, not BSing. So at my corporate job, yeah I'm here 8 hours...but like 3 hours is social BS cause everyone talks to everyone on a regular basis. Then 1 hour is devoted to meetings...and between waiting for the elevator, the printer and saying hi to everyone on the way back I think people honestly do like 3-4 hours of work. I'm not sure I agree with this working style...but I don't have a choice I guess. So one must assimilate.

"A guy needs somebody - to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. Don't make no difference who the guy is, long's he's with you. I tell ya, I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick."

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