Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I've just moved in with my gf. Things are OK. I felt like it was time, maybe not time for us but certainly time for me. I also became a landlord (renting out the old spot). So far things are smooth but I've heard a shit ton of horror stories. For now we're living in one of those luxury apartments. I think overall its pretty nice. The move is really about cutting down my commute and condensing my daily activities like working out and spending time with gf. Now that everything is all wrapped up into one place I'm hoping I'll have more time to both relax and continue to work on consulting on the side.

So, I'm waiting on my new couch, chair, rug and a brand spanking new 55 inch samsung to fill the space. The spot should look pretty pimp in a month or so. I bought shit ton of expensive gadgets that continue to impress me, like a knife set from chicago cutlery which makes me want to cut up every piece of food just because I can. Copper pots-n-pans, nifty dish set-- recalling that scene in old school with will farrel talking about his saturday afternoons spent at bed bath and beyond and home depot lol. Getting old..ugh.

On my way back from the lake in Rayestown PA, M and I stopped at the hagerstown outlets-- shocker. There were some really great items from CK and banana republic. I think I might be headed up there more often, it might be worth it in gas. The two slacks alone would normally be 100 a piece but I got them for $40. So anyway, I was quite pleased with that random stop.

Anywho-- I've been a little put off by M lately. I think it's just the transition and moving in together. I'm not sure why but I've been thinking about f*cking R1. Just something about her always being accessible and very submissive made it so easy for me. We don't talk anymore (actually agreed not to via her cousin-- man that was awkward). But I would probably thoroughly enjoy it if she were available.

Anyway, I'll add more in another post-- I looking at some initiatives for volunteer work and a bunch of other good things...

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