Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Live in your world play in ours

So Sean Taylor from the Washington Redskins has been murdered. One of my friends sent me an article outlining a few occurrences of successful black males who have been killed in what some would call freak or unusual circumstances. But to look at the matter more objectively, the rapid extinction of African American males is nerve wrecking. It isn't anything that the black community hasn't known since I was little, but it is something that has become absurdly more real in the past few years.

I suppose the biggest change has really occurred in the declining population of black males that society would classify as successful. Those men who have amassed a decent amount of wealth (whether it be from sports or tv or private businesses) as well as those who have earned various degrees and have sought out full time jobs to make a decent living have recently been the targets of a lot of homicides. My point is, (and maybe this is the way its always been) the rising rate of homicides where the victims are males from 15-24 are not just gangsters or wanna-be thugs. I say this because too often when we hear these stories on the media and we automatically assume that the victim did something wrong or maybe he had it coming.

Well there are no strong conclusions this time. I only wanted to write a passing thought. A week from now Sean Taylor's name will be appear far less than it does now. They might or might not find his killer (I just can't see the police investing this further than the media demands) and that will determine how long his name stays in the headlines (however we're still talking about that Natalee Holloway for some reason and baby grace who was found already dead). Anyway, if they don't find his killer he will be forgotten in an even shorter time.

well one of these days i'll have to post something full of interesting facts and statistics...

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