Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'll never call golf a dull game again.

So I went to my brother's football game and when I got back I hit the sack. I get a call at 4:30 in the morning-- its my roommate, he's outside drunk and he needs me to let him in. I think to myself what the fuck? How the fuck? Did he lose his keys? How could he get home if he had no keys? How is he locked out? I didn't even bother putting any pants on. I scrambled upstairs unlocked the door and let him in. His lips busted, he's got a chipped tooth, he's breathing heavy from the alcohol. He's got band-aids on all of his damn fingers. A few more cuts here and their--

"What the fuck happened to you", Was my only question.
"I got jumped", He responded opening his mouth to allow me a closer look at his mangled tooth. He continued,"They beat me with a baseball bat, I just got out of the hospital."

I looked outside, his car wasn't there.

"Are you okay?" I asked in disbelief. Its one of those questions you have to ask. Did he look okay to me? Fuck no! But what are you going to do, right? He went to the hospital, somehow managed to make it all the way home without his car. He was supposed to meet up with Sam and one of his old friends...did they leave him? A lot of questions kept racing through my mind. I checked my phone, I had a bunch of missed calls around 1 am. "That sucks", I thought. Looks like he probably called me during or right after the beating and I was knocked the hell out. I halfway wanted to apologize, but he was already on the phone with his girlfriend. She'll freak out, but its okay, at least she cares. I always thought she had an irrational fear of finding her boyfriend dead an ally, but if this fool keeps going out without me, it could be a very real reality.

Looking back I just don't know, the whole situation seems odd. I haven't spoken to him after the incident, but who the hell is jumping a 5'6 slightly pudgy white guy. I don't know what part of d.c. he was in, but I know he wouldn't go beyond adams morgan or dupont circle. D.C. is dangerous, but even drag queens can walk freely in those areas without getting jumped. Anyway I digress...

So now I'm on the phone with his girlfriend reassuring her that her boyfriend doesn't look like Emmett Till. I looked at him now and again to confirm that I wasn't lying to myself. He'll have to get that tooth fixed, but shit you've seen all that 90210 doctor bullshit on the health channel, if they can fix those bammers they can fix a simple chipped tooth. Other than that its just a few minor cuts and bruises.

"He's okay, nothin' that can't be fixed", I reassured her for the third time. "You wanna talk to him again?"

I handed the phone back to my roommate. He disappeared into the kitchen mumbling about how he was going to explain this to his parents. It was 4:40, I was tired, the roomie was back somewhere safe, I retired for the night.

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Kelly Mahoney said...

Holy shit! I've lived in Petworth for two months with no problems. Then again, I'm a broke student with nothing worth stealing.